Rememberance Day Whalley Legion
Rememberance Day Whalley Legion

Why Me...Why this?

In 1992 my 16 year old son, Jesse was murdered in a senseless, random act of violence. When something as terrible as this happens to your family; everyone goes into a depressed and angry state of shock. No one totally recovers, many lives are destroyed, some find a new clear purpose in their lives. For myself, and my deceased husband Chuck Cadman (1948-2005) it was a new purpose; petition Ottawa for changes to the Young Offenders Act.

In 1993 we formed "CRY" (Crime Responsibility and Youth) and with our friends, Dane Minor, Garry & Ev Salmond, Laura Duguid and Malcom & Dawne Moscrop . We lobbied for changes to the Young Offenders Act, advocated for Youth Diversion Programs and more assistance for victims and their families. We sent a 500,000 signature petition to Ottawa. Meaningful changes were written into the Young Offenders Act as a result. Additionally, the Victims Advisory Council, to Correction Services Canada and the Parole Board of Canada was established. In the end, we had round table discussions with 3 different Prime Ministers, making recommendations on Youth Crime and Victims support.

The residents of Surrey and the surrounding towns and cities supported us through our darkest days. In 1997, my husband Chuck was honoured to be elected to the House of Commons. This allowed us to take our "cause" for Justice and Victim's Rights to the highest levels in the Country. He served until his death in 2005.

I was honoured to be elected to Parliament by the residents of Surrey North in 2008 and served the community through May 2011. I'm happy that I was able to help a lot of people and their families, and returned $1,027,340,799.00 taxpayer dollars to Surrey in just 2 1/2 years.

Yes that's $1 billion, 27 million....